On this page you’ll find websites and blogs I find helpful in planning my adventures. They are arranged in alphabetical order.

Backpacking Matt
Matt moved to New Zealand from the U.S. and now runs a travel agency on the South Island. He’s got some great articles about traveling around New Zealand.

The Blog Abroad
Gloria is traveling the world by herself. In her introduction she says, “I’m not your everyday travel blogger. I’m awkward. I’m sassy. And I suck at adulting/flirting/humaning.” How could you go wrong?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Before you go anywhere I recommend checking with the CDC (if you’re American). On the CDC’s website you can look up the place you intend to travel to learn if there are any vaccines you need or warnings they have. Although they may make it sound scary to go to a certain country, being prepared is better than not. Don’t let the shots you might have to get dissuade you from travel.

A Dangerous Business
Amanda is an American traveling the world. What’s different about her is that she didn’t up and leave with only a backpack and a plane ticket. Instead, she travels and then returns home, works, and then travels again. She’s also a huge Tolkien fan, which is never a bad thing.

Hecktic Travels
Dalene and Pete are a Canadian couple traveling the world. What’s cool about the way they travel is that they travel via house sitting. Essentially they apply to house-sit for someone in another country, show up, house sit, and get to explore a country by living there.

Legal Nomads
Jodi Ettenberg quit her job as a lawyer to travel the world. She loves to eat, and is gluten free, so she has great advice about eating in a ton of countries and also eating with dietary restrictions.

Never Ending Footsteps
Lauren is also in her fifth year of travel. She left the U.K. and hasn’t looked back. She’s a great resource for information on traveling as a woman and has been to an amazing amount of countries.

Nomadic Matt
Matt has traveled to 80 countries. He travels without a home base, blogging and giving travel advice as he goes. He teams up with other bloggers to give his readers the best information out there. You really can’t go wrong on this site.

Stoked for Saturday
Jordan and Jenna are a couple who moved from Canada to Wellington for 2.5 years. Although they moved back to Canada they have excellent resources about multiple visa application processes, getting a place to live, and other tips (like comparing N. American grocery stores to the ones in NZ).

U.S. Department of State
Always check here for travel alerts and warnings. Again, it’s better to be prepared. You can also register with the Department of State and tell them where you’ll be located abroad in case something happens and you need emergency evacuation.

Young Adventuress
Liz has done a lot of traveling but has also lived in a bunch of places, including teaching English in Spain. She is currently in New Zealand on an extended vacation (read: more than a year). Her blog is a lot of fun to read and very helpful, especially since she talks a lot about what it means to travel and the challenges faced.

Y Travel
Caz and Craig have been traveling for 16 years – an amazing amount of time! They started off traveling by themselves, then as a couple, and now with their two kids. They cover just about anything you ever wanted to know about travel and then some.