The Penguin Parade

Oh man, I haven’t written a post in quite some time. My apologies. Life, politics, and a exploring a new country got in the way. I’ll talk about all of this, but first, since the world needs a little happiness, I’m going to talk about penguins.

Picture this. You drive at dusk to Phillip Island Nature Park, feeling slightly rebellious that you’re allowed into the park after sunset. You park your car amongst more tour buses than you’ve ever seen in one place and make your way to a concrete structure swarming with people from all over the world. You push through the crowd to the ticket desk feeling overwhelmed by all the people. You’re convinced there aren’t any tickets left because you came too late. The man at the counter laughs at you when you inform him of your fears. He tells you that this is a quiet night so of course there are tickets. You gape at him while he rings up your purchase. Ticket in hand you head through the double glass doors onto a boardwalk.  Continue reading