Once upon a time an almost college graduate despaired because she did not know what to do with herself in the real world. She waxed and waned on the merits of graduate school and entry-level jobs, but her poetic musings yielded nothing appealing.

Desperate, she turned to the crystal ball that is her computer and discovered what her heart truly desired: leaving the shackles of school and society behind her to embrace the wilds of foreign lands.

And so she gathered her forces — a passport, a backpack, and some loose change — and headed out to have an adventure.

Okay, maybe it didn’t happen quite that dramatically or in quite such a fairy-tale way, but I did end up spending six months traveling after graduation. This is not when I caught the travel bug since I’m pretty sure it’s in my DNA, but this most recent spate of traveling helped me realize that I want to travel. A lot. Maybe not as a career choice and maybe not for years and years in a row, but definitely as much as possible.

And so this blog was born to chronicle my adventures, whether I’m in the South Pacific, Europe, or at home in Los Angeles.

I think traveling is one of the most important and under appreciated things we can do in our lives.¬†Going to a new place can be a challenge both for you and the people you visit. It’s an opportunity to learn new things about yourself and others and allows people to understand that you aren’t quite as stereotypical as you seem on TV. Plus it’s not actually as hard as it looks (nor as expensive).

I hope my adventures help you take a step or two toward pursuing that dream of travel I know you’re secretly harboring.

I recommend starting here with my initial reasons for traveling to New Zealand way back in September 2016 and then expanding from there. Don’t forget to follow me to get weekly updates on whatever shenanigans I’ve gotten myself into!